Blue Oyster Cult - what a sexy bunch.

Ordinarily, I get really upset when I hear a song I love on a commercial. I don’t like to have songs that are near and dear to me associated with the mundane, such as the Aleve commerical that uses Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up.” Somehow, I doubt that the empowerment Curtis had in mind is the same as what Aleve is touting.

However, I think that the Auto Trader commercial with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” ROCKS. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the commercial is about cars – I like cars. Maybe it’s because most of the cars are Pontiacs – I like Pontiacs. Maybe it’s because so very few people respect Pontiacs OR Blue Oyster Cult. I don’t know. I just know the commercial warms my heart.

See, I know that “Godzilla” is an awesome song. I know this because every child that I know that hears it not only loves it, but loves to sing along to it. Children often have better taste than adults, this is a fact. I use this as one of the talking points when I hold forth on the virtues of Blue Oyster Cult.

And Blue Oyster Cult’s virtues are many. Here are three examples:

E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
This is a song that is best played in the car. LOUD. With the top down, if possible. I think it’s supposed to be about someone who has had a UFO experience and is then told not to tell it. His name may be Balthazar. I’m not sure. All I know is that it sounds great in the summer, in the car. It has a spooky sound that’s great just at dusk. A little mood music, you know.

O.D.’ed On Life Itself
Again, I have no idea what this song is about. Sometimes I think that BOC are too intelligent or at least too wordy for their own good. Or for mine, anyway. What can you expect from a bunch who’d have a rock critic for a lyricist? Anyway, I like it. And any song that includes the lines “This wedding in heaven was made up in hell/This victim as bride and life, life itself.” The guitars have a slicing quality. Visceral.

Finally, a song that anyone, even I can understand. It’s just like in the movie – Godzilla plowing through Tokyo. I have yet to find a child, regardless of how small or female, that will not start singing along with this song by the time the chorus comes around the second time. And ask to hear it again. And again. And again.

It’s a simple song, unlike most of BOC’s songs, obviously, but pay attention to just how many words they get in per line. I mean “a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound?” For real.


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3 responses to “Go Go GODZILLA!!!!

  1. J.R. Clark

    Meh. Needs more cowbell.

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