Beyonce Has a Sister?!?!

Solange Knowles

Imagine my surprise when DirecTV started playing a concert by someone they claimed was Beyonce’s sister, Solange.  This can’t be! I cried.  There’s no way!  Beyonce would have eaten a sibling on her way to world domination, because she’s a SURVIVOR who’s CRAZY IN LOVE and somebody had better PUT A RING ON IT!  What sibling could have survived that?

Well lo and behold, someone who calls herself Solange Knowles has not only managed to live this long, but also managed to release a CD in 2008 that has only recently come to my attention, thanks to those DirecTV concerts.  Thank you DirecTV, for the so-called Solange.  And for Deadwood.

Anyway, the album’s called Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams, and it’s, well, dreamy.  There’s none of the zombie-bombast of “Single Ladies,” so if that’s what you are looking for, look elsewhere.

What the supposed Solange has instead created is part Amy Winehouse, part Laura Nyro (yes, you read that right), a little Jill Scott, and all the way cool.  It’s got the Motown-y horns, the Hadley Street Dreams (I suppose that’s what they call themselves, the girls singing in the background), and songs that are far too interesting to ever get much radio play.  It’s Martha and the Vandellas for now, people.

An aside – the concert on DirecTV was intercut with interviews with the ostensible Solange, where she acknowledged Amy Winehouse AND Boards of Canada.  Boards of Canada.  BOARDS OF CANADA.

Well, enough talk about the alleged Solange.  Just listen:

Would Have Been the One

This song has everything – somehow it’s Motown-y, early-80’s synthy, handclappy and altogether adorable. You know what this song reminds me of? Listening to about four radio stations at one time.

Sandcastle Disco

“Sandcastle Disco” is the song that really caught my attention when I accidentally overheard the apparent Solange whilst waiting for an episode of Deadwood.  Interestingly enough, she was performing this LIVE, and believe it or not, it was as good or better than the album version. This one probably could have gotten serious radio play.

Well, I’m still reeling from the shock.  Again, she’s purportedly Beyonce’s sister. And please don’t just be satisfied by these two songs.  Buy the whole thing, and quick-like, before Beyonce sucks the life from Solange!

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