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Same Name Game – “Polaris”

A brand new thingie here — the Same Name Game! Here’s how you play: find two unrelated songs with the same name, and marvel at your own vast knowledge and vaster collection of MP3s/CDs/wax cylinders!

Did you know that there are two great, totally different and completely unrelated songs called “Polaris?” I know!

Here’s one by my dearly beloved Megadeth:

How do you like that “Polaris,” darlins? Does it make you bang your sweet little head, or at the very least wonder at the beauty of this lyric “I spread disease like a dog/discharge my payload/my rotten egg of death rots out your nostrils”?

Don’t laugh, honeys. Underneath all that shredding — which is indeed a thing of beauty — my boyfriend Dave Mustaine has a lot to say, and it’s all worth hearing, really. He’s warning you of nuclear winter and the destruction of all mankind. Which means we need to make plans to find a spaceship and get the hell out of here and quick!

Good thing Zero 7’s ready with their “Polaris”:

Because this “Polaris” is instrumental, I can make it about anything I want it to be. As with most Zero 7 instrumentals, I make it about space.  I want this “Polaris” to be about a spaceship that’s going to take us away from the horrible death the other “Polaris” promises us.  It’s going to take us to a lovely, lovely space station where the Muzak always plays Zero 7, Royksopp and Air, everything is mid-century modern and we’re all sleek and fast.

I love the Same Name Game!

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